TONTIX [Demo In Development]

Gateway for Entertainment to Web 3.0:
Ticketing and Marketing for Movie and Show Performance on TON.


Based on eco-systems of Telegram and TON, TONTIX is an on-line ticketing service, connecting cinema, show performance and events venues to provide an one-stop ticketing service. Telegram users can access movie information, show schedule, seat selection, ticket purchase and redemption, review and sharing. Through the TON wallet, TONTIX provides rich interaction with movie content and cinemas with high efficient loyalty management, offers customized and socialized movie going experience. The interactive services create win/win/win for all 3 parties. With close working with Telegram and TON, TONTIX brings more users to Telegram, more co-builders to TON, more attractiveness to Web3.

Unique Advantages

Deep Industry connection and knowledge

Solid and Innovative technologies from Web2 to Web3

Rich resource and strong support from TON

Core Team

The project team members are based in Asia and Europe, with strong background from Google, IBM, Hollywood and Oracle. The founders were also core members of Wechat Ticketing, who have successfully built ticketing service on Wechat wallet about ten years ago. The team is committed and empowed by rich international experience of entertainment contenct and venue management, as well as solid technic capabilities.

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